I just had to write this because you people have made my life worth living again. I suffered from severe food allergies for at least 25 years and of course, the medical profession could not or did not know how to help me. In fact I was told to take an anti depressant!! I landed in the hospital twice for what I was told were heart problems, once they told me that I had suffered a heart attack and after an angiogram was performed, it turned out it was false alarm.

Today I am sleeping again verses 1 or 2 hours a night, I am eating all I want instead of just rice cakes and zucchini!!
The weight gain is very appreciated since I was down to 90 pounds at one point. My life has turned around and does not revolve about “what can I eat?”
All I can say Red/White have been a blessing for me. The ladies are great and everybody knows what they are doing. Since I was allergic to just about everything eatable I underwent quite a few treatments, but got better and better. No medical doctor could figure out what was the matter with me. Therefore I underwent MANY MANY totally unnecessary tests. When told that I felt that my problems stemmed from food allergies I got an unbelieving stare and as usual was handed a prescription, which immediately landed in the trash can, since I knew it would not help me anyway.
I am now almost 78 years old and feeling better  than ever. My energy level is great and I am so very happy to be able to lead a normal life.
Thank you Jill, Nancy and Denise for being so supportive. The only thing I miss is  seeing you guys every week, since it was always such a positive experience. I will stop in for a treatment (there is always something we can work on) just to visit. Many, many thanks.”


“I want to take a moment to thank you for how immensely you two have affected my quality of life.  Before I came to your office I was tired all the time regardless of how much I rested and was having substantial reactions to almost all foods on a regular basis.  I was constantly miserable and felt life was about coping and just making it through the day.  Now, after so many strategic treatments from both of you I can say that I have a different body than I did a year ago.  I eat dairy with zero side effects, no longer get hives in the spring and fall, and haven’t taken even 1 single sick day since we started!  For the first time that I can remember I had pizza with friends and wasn’t doubled over in pain….I just enjoyed it and was free to enjoy the people around me as well!  Most importantly, the fibromyalgia pain in my legs is gone and the constant fog of fatigue has lifted from my life.  Also, I have not been to the ER from a round of Eosinophilic Esophagitus since our first treatment for it!  I cannot thank you two enough for giving me another chance at a vibrant life full of joy, connecting with people and freedom!  (Oh, and thanks for all the extra money I have since I don’t need MDs all the time now!)”

Becky S.

“I now sleep instead of awake 22 hours per day. All my hives are gone. I don’t scratch all day. I don’t throw up with nuts. I laugh, and jump and talk nonstop. I thank Jesus that he brought Miss Jill in my life.”

Josh S., age 2 3\4

“I can swim in a pool and not break out all over my body. I can sweat and not scratch my arms. I don’t break out when bit by bugs. Miss Jill is my best friend next to Jesus! Everyone should see Miss Jill. I don’t have to wear my glasses anymore. And my mom says I am nice to be around now.”

Sarah S., age 10

“Thanks for curing my allergies!

Now when I eat eggs my stomach doesn’t hurt. I have been able to play with my aunts who have two dogs, Cookie and Oreo. I have been able to eat dairy, sugar, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and so much more. I can eat ice cream without feeling like I’m going to throw-up. Now I can eat peanut butter, which I’ve been allergic to for all my life. I can play outside in the sun in pollen and I feel wonderful! During gym class, I can jump rope without getting tired easily. When I run and play outside on recess I feel so different. My life has changed and I’m so happy. I just can’t describe it!”

Heather S., age 9

“Jill, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. The acupunctures have really helped my dog allergies. They really helped my dog, cat and horse one. The best part was not only that you got rid of my allergies, but I also got to take a 30-minute nap while I was waiting! Well, I’m glad I decided to do acupunctures, because they have helped me a lot and I have you to thank. So, thank you!”

Brenna L.

“Since my allergy treatments, my energy level is much higher. I notice less nasal congestion and sneezing and less muscle and joint pain. The rough skin on my heels has completely smoothed out. I have also noticed a lessening of “restless legs” at night.”

Sharon C.

“After two acupuncture allergy treatments, for the first time in thirty years I am able to eat eggs and many food products containing eggs. I had long forgotten just how good a fried egg sandwich tasted!

In the past, if I had eaten an egg, within two hours, I would be doubled over with intestinal cramps, which would last for several hours. I can now enjoy eggs with no unpleasant side effects.

Thanks Jill!”

Dennis C.

“Prior to treatments, I could not eat either eggs or wheat. If I accidentally ate something that contains either substance, painful, welt-like hives would result. Often, my eyes would swell completely shut from something as simple as a sauce thickened with flour. Since the treatments, I’ve enjoyed, for the first time in years, scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. I can eat what I want without fear and without asking for an exhaustive list of ingredients. I’m not sure exactly how it works – all I know is how wonderful it is to enjoy eating again.”

Debbie M.

“Please imagine looking down at your 4-year-old child, who is lying face down on a cold table, not knowing what was going to happen to her. In a trusting voice, you say, “Don’t worry this will help us find out what’s wrong.” As they begin to prick away on her back with endless sharp needles poking and crying, poking and crying …. Forty pricks later, she still has to lay there. I can’t comfort her because they are awaiting reactions for allergies, from the highly recommended pediatric allergist. All of that for what? The tests were negative. “What?!” It can’t be. In your heart you realize that this is not the real answer.

For years, our daughter Heather has suffered from continuous sinus infections; one prescription after another. We had just about had it…. Where was the answer?

We ran across a friend and school media specialist who told us about Jill Morian. As denial would have it, you just don’t want to believe that this option could work and do you want to put your child through another round of “who knows what?”

Knowing the positive side effects of acupuncture, we decided to give this a try. To our amazement, we discovered the allergies that Heather faced as well as Anne’s and Jeff’s too. We started by eliminating milk and were amazed to see her eat 3 pieces of cheese pizza 25 hours later AND NOT BE SICK! It was amazing.

Since that time, our family has been slowly eliminating our allergies to help improve our bodies. “The proof is in the pudding”… yes, we can eat that now too! “That’s the icing on the cake”, which we can eat now too! Our thanks to Karen Larsen who helped guide us to Jill and a special thanks to Jill for opening us to a world of milk, sugar, wheat, Vitamin B, chocolate… good health and more.”

Anne H.

“I wanted to let you know how much you have helped my family and me. I know what a difference you made in helping me get well after I had such a horrible reaction to the blood pressure medicine that the doctor put me on. I really worried that I would never be well again. Your treatment cleared me from the drug and I have only gotten better as a result. I know my family and I have all become healthier as a result of your treatments. The effects have been slow but stead as we all had so many allergies to clear. I have felt the difference in my own energy levels and seen improvement in my girls and my husband. I never knew my poor health was due to so many food and environmental allergies. I expect to keep improving and it’s a blessing to the know the improvements will continue. You do great work and have made a huge positive difference in all of our lives.”

The Ross Family

“I want to thank you for helping give back my health. I feel so much better since I’ve been working with you. I have more energy and don’t have the terrible tummy upsets I’d been plagued with my entire adult life. You are a miracle worker – thank you again for all you do – I sing your praises to everyone I meet.”

Donni B.

“Thank you for all you have done for my family and me! I am off allergy shots for the first time in 15 years. Even though this was a high pollen spring, I had very few problems and I was not taking allergy shots! We have all cut our asthma medications in half. I had been unable to keep my asthma under control until you treated me. My tummy is sooooo much better. I can’t believe I can eat dairy products now. It’s a miracle. You have literally saved my life.”

Karen L.